The Sunshine Australia Pty Ltd was establish in 2002, providing home cleaning, office cleaning, removal and pest control services to local communities in Sydney area.

Over the years the company has been growing steadily. It is made up of three departments: cleaning departments, removal department and pest control department.

The company has about 20 licensees, three trucks (5T, 7.5T, 8T), several carpet steam machines, polish machines and other equipment. In daily running of the business get professional advice from legal consultant , accountant and technology adviser.

The company has a well-established system, providing professional training for new licensees who can't start working unless they pass the test at the end of the training. Each licensee has 2-30 employees under them.

The Sunshine Australia P/L has made consistent contributions to local communities via cleaning, removal and pest control services.

The cleaners with professional quality service for people's homes and commercial buildings, helping create and maintain comfortable living and working environment. The carpet steam and moving in & out cleaning services for agencies and tenants, helping agencies maintain a clean property and tenants to get bond back. They also clean properties for sale for real estates, maintaining a good look of the property and contributing to more efficient property sales.

The cleaner group  help clean homes of the old and the sick, creating a good environment and making their daily life easier. The cleaners free people especially women from tedious daily cleaning, allowing them more time for work, entertainment and family life.

The large fully equip trucks provide experienced friendly reliable service  ,including of furniture removal, white goods, rubbish removal ,attic cellar emptied ,garage clearance, garden waste. The removalists help people move their homes around Sydney area, saving local people time and labor, making their life easier and more convenient. This service also help unload containers, contributing to import and export of Australia.

The efficient pest control service eliminates termites, cockroaches, carpenter ants, bird lice, rodent bate and other pests, stopping them from harming our homes and daily lives, maintaining a healthy living environment. We also provide service for canteen industry, helping maintain a sanitary and safe dining environment. Pest control in working environment effectively stops contamination and thus prevents diseases.

The company has high standards for quality of service. It follow up with customers on a regular basis for feedback of  service, aiming to improve the way  service customers. Over the years Sunshine Australia received positive feedback from customers requesting that  set up offices in other states of Australia.

Being in this industry for 8 years, the company confident of the services what provide and  are looking ahead for a bigger market share. It is planning to expand the company to other states in Australia in order to better service our customers:

1.  plan to purchase some more equipment for removal and cleaning.
2.  want to spend more on advertisement to attract more customers and make us better known.
3.  prepare to strengthen promotions by maintaining and developing good relationships with regular customers, reaching new customers and running promotions to attract more business.
4. want to start a research group to search about cleaning equipment.
5. wish to make chemicals for the pest control service and cleaning service with sunshine australia's brand.